Goodby Secure Jobs, Hello Freelance


After bouncing around the edges of my creativity, I'm actively embracing freelance work as a writer and photographer.  I am eager to continue to focus on my portrait photography while seeking social documentary and travel opportunities for both my writing and my photography.


July 10, 2012

It has occurred to me that since I love to write, photograph and travel, perhaps freelance travel writing and photography would suit me.  And so, I embark.  My first movement forward is to attend the Book Passage Travel Writer's and Travel Photographer's Conference in Corte Madera, California in August.


May 10, 2012

"They" call it a leap of faith.  I just call it leaping.  Faith?  Hope?  Madness?  Who knows why we take these chances, these risks on ourselves and others.  In January, I gave my notice to one of my jobs, after nine years.  In February, I gave my notice to another one of my jobs, after eight years.  As of September, 2012, I will be "in between jobs" by choice.  

When I made these decisions, I felt enpowered, secure, positive, looking forward to meet my potential head on, potentials I'm not even yet aware of.  Today, yesterday, and all last week, I feel small, worried, insecure, wondering what the heck I'm doing. To let go of these secure sources of income to take a chance that I can make a living as a Travel Writer & Photographer.  Ahhh, what am I doing? Am I nuts? 

April 5, 2012

After eight years coordinating the Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival, I quit in May. I miss the flexible timeframe, the great staff and volunteers, my office space, participating in such a fantastic and important event, the creative opportunities, leading my wonderful team of committee members, brainstorming sessions, the recognition of my hard work, seeing the community support, and the satisfaction of a successful four day weekend.  I don't miss the stress and long hours that filled my days as the Festival weekend neared.

January 3, 2012

After nine years working at Fireweed Gallery, I quit in January.  I miss the Gallery Girls, our many night's out for margaritas,birthday parties and other celebrations, my fantastic boss Irene, being surrounded by artwork, sharing my love of other's creations, and the customers I came to know and care for.  I don't miss the scheduled demand of my time.

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